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Dust & Fume Extraction

Dust Extraction systems combining many different means of filtration, from small dedicated units featuring cartridge and bag options to larger centralised plant systems, incorporating multi-module units with auto cleaning cycles. Each system featuring purpose designed ductwork with fan units tailored not only to meet the required air duties but to be specific in their individual application.

Fume extraction systems of all description, weld fume from process equipment and manual operator stations with filtration options utilising the latest electrostatic and cartridge technology.

Vehicle exhaust extraction systems giving at source removal and via more specialist applications such as our extensive work on rolling road systems for the motor industry.

Engine test cell extraction from full cell systems to unique high temperature exhaust solutions.

Vacuum extraction systems providing at source dust and fume removal, using high pressure fans taking contaminants directly back to filtration plants that are often located externally, and a recently developed solution by Norvent for Aluminium dust extract applications.

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